Friday, May 29, 2015

47. Two Brunches

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Went to a moderately new french bakery that's rumored to be very very good and authentic for brunch last Saturday.
Thought it their pastries were decently 'authentic', I thought that their omelettes were okay because I'm not sure what an 'authentic French omelette' is supposed to taste like anyway.

I think Cream Pan has the best breads and CLOSEST to the ones I've had in Paris..(maybe it's because I worked at Cream Pan...) but I really don't think I'm being biased. :O

They had a window display of baguette sandwiches and desserts. I did not try any of those, but I heard that their chicken is pretty bomb. I will come back for that another day (!!!)

The orange juice is $4.5 and boasted prepared 'like how it is/they do in France', which is not a lie because when I was in the Versailles and walking along the Seine I see shops and stands squeezing the juice with a man standing on a high stool pushing down or with those machines. But it didn't really impress me too much because 1) we have that in our dining halls 2) we had that at Cream Pan for 50 cents cheaper 3) I do the same thing at home. (I promise I'm not trying to be negative, or promoting Cream Pan right now! though I am a Cream Pan and fresh OJ enthusiast...) So yeah. But B tried it and it was good, but why wouldn't fresh OJ be good :D The coffee was okay, I think it might be a light roast blend.

The omelettes came with a salad with vinaigrette dressing and two slices of toast made with baguette-esque dough.

The cafe is pretty cute though- most of the workers have a French accent (hopefully this isn't a racist comment because I'm not trying to be?), the tables are very Parisian, and I heard the chairs they have at the cafe are imported from France and all vintage.

Finally got to visit a little cafe I've had on my 'to go to' list forEVER on Sunday.
It was a little confusing at first because there weren't any formal instructions on what to do inside, and the management/staff, though friendly, expected every guest that walked in to be some kind of long-time visitor that know the entire operation.

Anyways, things got figured out and I was so happy I was able to come because the food was made nicely and tasted really good.

I got the caramel french toast, which was DELICIOUS, with bacon and eggs.
Strolled around the beach shops for a little bit after.

Later in the afternoon we made a stop by Room & Board and Macy's where I bought my new bed, wardrobe armoire, and mattress.
Beautiful beautiful weekend.

xox Ingrid

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