Saturday, March 28, 2015

42. Holy moly Holé Molé

(why are my titles so cheesy n basic)

We took it chill on Wednesday. Kevin couldn't come along because he was already eating; we decided on lunch at 130p- hah. I was craving tacos so we went to Holé Molé in Tustin. Apparently they're famous for their fish tacos, but I'm not interested in fish tacos so I didn't try that. But reviewers on Yelp enjoy visiting this join on Tuesdays for their $1.19 Taco Tuesdays and order fish tacos.

Then we went to Bambū for their happy hour on drinks. Hsiao is still biased, and prefers Lollipop.

We couldn't think of what to do after getting boba so we went to the Great Park. There was a huge 'water collector' drain. Kind of icky.

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