Tuesday, March 31, 2015

44. Quarterly Dose of LA

Still not sick of this place yet.
Took a visit Friday of spring break. Honestly, I think there are more food places to try than non-food places to visit in LA. Lunch, shopping, grand opening of Nasty Gal (Santa Monica location), Alfred's (because Caffe Luxxe was closed :'( but good thing Alfred's carried Stumptown♥ aka coffee love #2), and KBBQ (back home).
Advanced apologies for the series of extremely saturated photos coming up, thanks to my iPhone which apparently is incapable of displaying the correct color tones on the mobile screen.

NASTYGAL @ Santa Monica. I actually saw the #GIRLBOSS herself, except her California tan deceived me, making me think it wasn't her :(

Now in one of my favorite LA neighborhoods- Brentwood

Fun Alfred {Coffee and Kitchen} deets: they have a $10 latte, their coffees are from Stumptown, their salads are from Greenleaf, pastries are from Farmshop, and they carry juice from Pressed!

Afternoon talks over dripped Stumptown coffee

On the 405 going home, near Torrence.

KBBQ salad and little dishes, no real KBBQ pictures because I was too hungry.

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