Sunday, March 29, 2015

43. 1000 Steps

After 2 years of postponing the trip over and over again, (why are there so many delays in my life ??), I finally went to seek the pools in Laguna. But first- brunch.

Hsiao didn't come along for food because he was getting a hair cut.

Just the basic things.

7th → 8th → 9th x PCH

200 some steps.

The moment I got to the bottom, I actually saw Ashley! :D Spontaneous reunion/5 min catch up, if you ask me.

Looking in.

So many peace signs I'm sorry.

This was the closest we made it. Pretty bummed out because we were actually waiting for the tides to lower so that we can climb against the wall to the other side but the lifeguard actually came over, caught us (because we were talking) and made us go back :(((
I also didn't pee my pants. I really didn't.


Coming back up

Newport Bound

And going home..

Hsiao wanted to try It's Boba Time, which I never thought of trying because it looked unimpressive from the outside/passing by. But it's a good thing we did because it was pretty good. I will be returning :)

hahaha we all got boba milk tea even though we said outside that we'd try their top 10 popular things and pointed at different items.

So the lab said that they were going to get ramen, so we all went to ramen @ Yamadaya. Pretty good I'd say.

I think everyone was moving in this pano because they thought it was a it ended up kind of :(

Okay srsly. Still pretty sour about it. I'll be back for you sometime.

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