Sunday, March 15, 2015

40. Valentines Day

This past Valentine's Day....
Blake and I [finally] visited the Packing District!! (About a year late...)

It was really crowded on the day we went. Lots of couples (I'm guessing they're celebrating Valentine's Day) and lots of families with babies.

The Packing District has a lot of places to sit and enjoy your purchase(s). Options range from suspended swinging benches/park benches/& circular cushion sofas downstairs, bar-type seating and communal tables upstairs, and patio chairs on the deck/more bar-type seating/kneeling tables with cushions/high tables/& garden seating outside. It's really nice because each part, that I'm trying to describe, has its own little vibe to it.

Cafecito from The Lab!! :D
There were a nice variety of cuisines to choose from. I wouldn't say a HEAP tons but enough to have to think for a little bit how you're feeling and what you're craving that day.

We love ice cream :D

Beautiful beautiful succulents indoor display/decor.

We got orange chocolate and mint chip ice cream and enjoyed that outside in the back-yard area.

It is quite nice with all the rocking chairs and astroturf (heh).

After sitting in the yard for quite too long, we headed to Downtown Disney to take a stroll. It was honestly really hot but we ventured down the Downtown Disney strip and into the California Hotel.

And right as we were about to leave, Blake bought us the (scrumptious) kettle corn they were selling in front of the LEGO store. Totally worth it, I think.

For dinner we decided on Mama D's because it's rumored to be really good. I think everyone in the Vine has dined at this place before they graduated high school (except for us I guess :( ). The wait was quite long as was the line. The restaurant had an entire row of chairs outside for waiting, so it was somewhat nice to street-watch while waiting. Not to mention they had complimentary water/lemonade, meat-ball tasting, and garlic bread for the customers waiting. Quite lovely.

Mama D's does live up to its hype. It's more of a 'comfort food' though. It's a place I'd frequent when I need that warm, comfy, full hug. The food isn't overwhelming or too heavy, but it isn't delicate and upscale-like either. It's like mom's food. (Not trying to relate it to it's name or anything).


And because I fell in love with Bambū the week before, I insisted on stopping by for a small dessert.
(pictured below: #10, Jelly Belly with "coconut milk, red tapioca, grass jelly, pandan jelly". ***the order # and name and ingredients might change depending on your location.) I do like their passion fruit green tea and/or black milk tea more than their coconut-milk dessert drinks.

xoxo i

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