Tuesday, January 27, 2015

38. Usual Routine

Just the usual the usual.
On Friday, B and I went to the cinemas (AMC) and watched American Sniper.
Not that I promote war and violence, but it was a good movie.

Saturday was usual routine. Just with a bit more concentrated dash of beach air.

pain perdu (with strawberries and agave) and a café au lait

tuna and hummus tartine

study buddies: berries & coconut water (my favorite brand {harmless harvest})

I've been thinking about Sprinkles a lot lately, and I did a lot of work on Saturday, so I thought why not? Since it's literally just a walk across the street.

The same dusk skies that will never tire me.

Girl Scout Cookie season is back! I snagged a box of thin mints ♥ mmm

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