Monday, January 19, 2015

37. Sunday Steak

It's MLK weekend, and it's also Sunday.
Got a lot done in the morning before heading out to the library.

This is probably the most FOB-biest selfie ever from me.

Sry feeling a tad more narcassistic than normal today.

Gorgeous NWPB sunsets that I'll never get tired of.

Driving home and listening to AM another one of my (cheesy yet) fulfilling "likes".

Had dinner at Fleming's with my family.
"steak Sundays" ft prime rib and salad but I got too hungry and ate it before thinking about possibly taking a picture for the blog ^_^"

Another beautiful sunset picture for you to enjoy

I think I'm going to do a bag review/what's in my bag post next :)
xox i

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