Tuesday, January 27, 2015

38. Usual Routine

Just the usual the usual.
On Friday, B and I went to the cinemas (AMC) and watched American Sniper.
Not that I promote war and violence, but it was a good movie.

Saturday was usual routine. Just with a bit more concentrated dash of beach air.

pain perdu (with strawberries and agave) and a café au lait

tuna and hummus tartine

study buddies: berries & coconut water (my favorite brand {harmless harvest})

I've been thinking about Sprinkles a lot lately, and I did a lot of work on Saturday, so I thought why not? Since it's literally just a walk across the street.

The same dusk skies that will never tire me.

Girl Scout Cookie season is back! I snagged a box of thin mints ♥ mmm

Monday, January 19, 2015

37. Sunday Steak

It's MLK weekend, and it's also Sunday.
Got a lot done in the morning before heading out to the library.

This is probably the most FOB-biest selfie ever from me.

Sry feeling a tad more narcassistic than normal today.

Gorgeous NWPB sunsets that I'll never get tired of.

Driving home and listening to AM another one of my (cheesy yet) fulfilling "likes".

Had dinner at Fleming's with my family.
"steak Sundays" ft prime rib and salad but I got too hungry and ate it before thinking about possibly taking a picture for the blog ^_^"

Another beautiful sunset picture for you to enjoy

I think I'm going to do a bag review/what's in my bag post next :)
xox i

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

36. Mastro's

(flash back to November 14
because I was so busy I didn't post on this site in the entire month)

I went to Mastro's, with my family one weekend in November, to celebrate my mother's birthday.
We went to the one in Crystal Cove...you know the one in the same center as the Javier's that Kobe Bryant (apparently) frequents ;)

Bread basket. The pretzel bread was pretty good.
I've actually never seen anything like that (until recently in Vegas).

So many glasses someone give me an dinner etiquette class!!1!1! (kidding)

We were seated by the bar area, which was very crowded and not-so-quiet but it was very lively. Definitely different than being seated in the dining room. It did seem that the customers that frequent Mastro's prefer bar area over the actual dining room because it had more of a 'hang out' vibe with a live band in the corner (that was actually stellar!) and that they knew other people/had friends that coincidentally dined that evening as well. I would try the dining room next time though to see how the setting feels.

Creamed corn (that was insanely hot in temperature when it was brought out) and my mom's fish fillet.
They have the MOST AMAZING (and I seriously mean amazing) steak. It was butter-textured, melt-in-your-mouth, dissolve-on-your-tongue kind of amazing. I'm not kidding. You have to try.

xo Ingrid