Saturday, December 6, 2014

34. No Strangers Here

a month late but....obsessed with this song (@3:10+ is so sensual it's great)

We went to the Lost Bean after uni today.
I am so tired from staying up till 5 am almost every day this week. But this quarter is almost done, so I keep telling myself I should enjoy this while it lasts.

So you get 'lost' at the menu.

but then 'found' at the bar to pick up your drink :)

I ordered the café la paz (espresso, milk, caramelized raw sugar).
Basically a latte with sugar. Very simple yet good.

They updated their tea menu and put the selection on it's own board now!

Blake got the blueberry black tea infusion. His drink was insanely good! Smelled like a blueberry muffin, but tasted so yummy. It sounded weird to me at first, but after I tried it I fell in love with it. I won't hesitate to try this drink myself next time.


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xox Ingrid

** photos 3 & 7, credits to B.

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