Friday, August 8, 2014

32. AM Concert

As some of you know....
I went to see the Arctic Monkeys live at the Staple Center yesterday (August 7, 2014)!!!! I've never gone to the Staple Center before or see AM live...which is super exciting because they're one of my all-time favorite bands! *swoons*

Blake and I left home straight out of work and got there at 6 (we sat in a little over an hour's worth of traffic) and as soon as we got there we thought it'd be best to look for a place to eat because we didn't want to be late like we were to the Beirut x Vampire Weekend concert at the Bowl last year. (I still am a little sad about that because I missed a little bit of Beirut). Luckily there were a lot of food shops on the block, so no needed to leave the area to scavenge for restaurants.
Our pick? Lawry's Carvery. Something fast, familiar, "sit-down", and still affordable.

So I apologize a few pics ahead of time- but I don't have much diversity photo-wise. Most of them were for memories only and I didn't have blogging in mind because I wanted to save my phone battery for video making.

The security lines were super long since the Staples Center fits 18,118 people. (Don't worry I didn't really count, Google's got my back). They had a merchandise stand outside of the venue, and inside- one on each floor. (3 inside, 1 outside). I was pretty surprised to see a McDonald's and a 'to-go' CPK inside. In addition, the Staples Center also has their own concession stand and bars.

Blake and I in front of our seats.
At first I was really bummed that we had to pay 416% more than the original price and at the very top of the venue...but when I got there I realized how great these seats actually were. Okay maybe not the price because I wasn't able to get them first hand through the ticket box but had to deal with a resell site. But seriously, I would pay a cheaper price for the same view. Well- I think the biggest reason why I was so satisfied was because we were row 1 of our section and aisle seats.

AM's backdrop lights. The AM (album) sign lit up after every song and sometimes with colors during different songs. I think the top one above was from Arabella and the one below was during Fireside

Actually pretty scary because the glass safety wall was less than or about two feet tall.

Rocking our boots.

My favorite part of the concert was when No. 1 Party Anthem came on and slowly but surely the majority of the crowd took out their phones and the entire stadium ended up glistening as if it was the stars in the desert night sky. So so romantic and beautiful. 

Beautiful financial district lights in DTLA. Sorry for the blurry photo, I was in the car while taking this.

I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake baby
Snap out of it
I get the feeling I left it too late, but baby
Snap out of it

I really want to see Alex Turner and the AMs sometime again. Hopefully this won't be my last AM concert :)
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xox Ingrid

Sunday, August 3, 2014

31. Boyhood

Barely made the 11:30 showing of Boyhood today thanks to the heavy traffic brought to the UTC by the weekly farmer's market. A long movie, 2 hours 42 minutes, but pretty enjoyable.

Blake and I went to the OC Mart Mix for lunch because he wanted to go to Theorem after trying their Coffee Julep {enter} yesterday with his coworkers. Blake suggested GreenLeaf Chophouse in SOCO because he was there yesterday as well and thought it was something I'd enjoy....he was right!

I got the GreenPlate special. I combined ½ of the chicken panini with their chicken tortilla soup. Very spicy yet enjoyable soup. The panini was fabulous as well. Blake ordered the lemongrass chicken salad.

A very bad quality picture of the light fixtures inside of Theorem.
The last time I was here was winter break with Howard, Corey, and Blake.

Today, Blake ordered the Blueberry Mojito {explore}, and of course being the plain Jane I am, I stuck with a latte per usual.

xox Ingrid