Thursday, July 24, 2014

29. Random Bits of July

A little look into my past recent weeks of July.

Started a fitness 'program' (more like schedule) for myself. I tried to keep with it, but sometimes school got in the way. But August is just around the corner so I'm sure I can get back on track with it because it wasn't like I didn't do it as a result of laziness...And. I am in love with my Nike Flexes :)

On the way to the engineering hall :) WooOoowe ♥ SO much trees and grass haha.

Right outside of DB, and just before EH/Cal(it)²/Java City


Phoenix Grille, where I started frequenting for lunch halfway through the session.
There's an Einstein Bros on campus! I've never tried the chain before, but I have heard good things about their food. Pricey though...

outside of Lucille's 

The ARC is beautiful!! This is just the swimming pool. And looking at the plans that have been released, it seems to be that our school is modeling our new recreation center after the ARC!

Aaaaand lots of studying and going to the library.

xox Ingrid

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