Monday, July 14, 2014

28. Fourth of July

Every 4th of July, we got together with family friends and went to Laguna Beach to celebrate- as we normally do every year.
Before that happened, the morning of.....we went to Nektər!

Wooo woo woo I've been so obsessed with coming here recently.

Like seriously, I haven't missed a day. Whether it be juicing during my morning jog, or after school...

yum! I love veggies (and fruits) SOSOSO MUCH!!!

Blake came along :)

Friends since...2001

Irene, Sharon, Blake and I went to Whole Foods to kill time before the fireworks.

An emotionally and (literally) physically supportive bus?? Slightly creepy...
I think the bus driver thought we were foreign visitors because as I was taking this picture, she started waving to Irene, Sharon, Blake and I

Gorgeous sunset.


.....Aaaaand another juice picture just because I'm obsessed PLUS guess who's going to Nektər tomorrow morning??? :)

xox Ingrid

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