Wednesday, July 2, 2014

26. Cali Adventures With the Cousins

I haven't gone to Disneyland (both parks) for ~2 years already!

I went with the cousins & family to California Adventures on Saturday June 28th. It was actually quite a shock because I haven't seen the park after the Buena Vista renovation with Cars Land and such.

We saw Doug after riding Grizzly River Run twice.

lunch! at Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill
They even had a live mariachi. I think there were five girls who all played a different instrument, sang, and danced. Really cute and talented.

♥ cotton candy ♥

Jumpin' Jelly fish (after riding Goofy's Sky School twice)

Luigi's Flying Tires

Outfit of the day. (with my hat on backwards ooops)

Animation Academy!!

Do you want to build a snowman? (Sorry for the bad quality)

New and ?cool/weird/asian? magnet souvenirs at the gift shop

Some mugs I saw at the gift shop that I really liked....maybe I'll come back for them another day.

It was a really good day because we got to the park at 9am, parked at Toy Story parking lot (24B), and left the park at 630pm (the cousins got tired early) and STILL got to go on most of the rides. We were really blessed because almost all the rides were a 5-10 minute wait which is insane because usually rides are at least 30 minute waits. I am so thankful I had a fun day on Saturday.

xox Ingrid

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