Friday, July 25, 2014

30. Movies on the Lawn - Lego Movie

Last last Saturday, OC Parks was doing it's last movie on the lawn at the Great Park so Blake and I decided we would go to it since we've missed all the other ones because of schedule conflict.
The movie that Saturday was the most recent Lego Movie and the event anticipated for a huge number of attendees.

The sky was absolutely gorgeous that day.

There really were a lot of movie go-ers because there was a huge line of cars waiting to get into the venue.
Parking lot 99% filled for....a couple hundred? Thousand? Maybe that's too much, but it definitely could pass up as a Disneyland parking lot.

The event began at 7:30 but because of traffic and dinner we were a little late and so we were in a rush.
This is Blake carrying the lawn chairs trying to walk as fast as he could. (Hence motion pic. Wowe.)

There were so many people and basically no spot left on the lawn except at the very very back where the screen looked itty bitty. But Blake and I didn't feel like giving up on the spot so we walked to the very front and found ourselves a nice unoccupied grass patch.

I bought two small popcorns ($1 each) and two teas ($1 each)

It got a chilly after the sun went down but we brought fleece sweaters, scarves, and towels/blankets so it was alright :)
The balloon looked so beautiful against the skies that Saturday night.

xox Ingrid

Thursday, July 24, 2014

29. Random Bits of July

A little look into my past recent weeks of July.

Started a fitness 'program' (more like schedule) for myself. I tried to keep with it, but sometimes school got in the way. But August is just around the corner so I'm sure I can get back on track with it because it wasn't like I didn't do it as a result of laziness...And. I am in love with my Nike Flexes :)

On the way to the engineering hall :) WooOoowe ♥ SO much trees and grass haha.

Right outside of DB, and just before EH/Cal(it)²/Java City


Phoenix Grille, where I started frequenting for lunch halfway through the session.
There's an Einstein Bros on campus! I've never tried the chain before, but I have heard good things about their food. Pricey though...

outside of Lucille's 

The ARC is beautiful!! This is just the swimming pool. And looking at the plans that have been released, it seems to be that our school is modeling our new recreation center after the ARC!

Aaaaand lots of studying and going to the library.

xox Ingrid

Monday, July 14, 2014

28. Fourth of July

Every 4th of July, we got together with family friends and went to Laguna Beach to celebrate- as we normally do every year.
Before that happened, the morning of.....we went to Nektər!

Wooo woo woo I've been so obsessed with coming here recently.

Like seriously, I haven't missed a day. Whether it be juicing during my morning jog, or after school...

yum! I love veggies (and fruits) SOSOSO MUCH!!!

Blake came along :)

Friends since...2001

Irene, Sharon, Blake and I went to Whole Foods to kill time before the fireworks.

An emotionally and (literally) physically supportive bus?? Slightly creepy...
I think the bus driver thought we were foreign visitors because as I was taking this picture, she started waving to Irene, Sharon, Blake and I

Gorgeous sunset.


.....Aaaaand another juice picture just because I'm obsessed PLUS guess who's going to Nektər tomorrow morning??? :)

xox Ingrid

27. SD Weekend Getaway

Went to SD over the weekend at the end of June.

Had lunch at the Whole Foods in The Shops at La Jolla

In the gorgeous gorgeous La Valencia in La Jolla

Too bad the weather was overcast that day.

Made my first Lululemon purchase in La Jolla!

Shopping on Girard Ave and Prospect was much different this time. So many of the shops have closed down, which is sad to see because I've been coming here almost every year and it seems to be getting more and more deserted every time. I did see some construction going on, so hopefully they are renovating Girard Ave. and making it more upbeat etc.

Dinner in Little Italy / Bencotto

tagliatelle with "summer" sauce (sundried tomatoes, EVOO, basil, garlic) and meatballs


taking my car along for a ride the next day whilst shopping. . . (ha..ha...ha...)

xox Ingrid

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

26. Cali Adventures With the Cousins

I haven't gone to Disneyland (both parks) for ~2 years already!

I went with the cousins & family to California Adventures on Saturday June 28th. It was actually quite a shock because I haven't seen the park after the Buena Vista renovation with Cars Land and such.

We saw Doug after riding Grizzly River Run twice.

lunch! at Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill
They even had a live mariachi. I think there were five girls who all played a different instrument, sang, and danced. Really cute and talented.

♥ cotton candy ♥

Jumpin' Jelly fish (after riding Goofy's Sky School twice)

Luigi's Flying Tires

Outfit of the day. (with my hat on backwards ooops)

Animation Academy!!

Do you want to build a snowman? (Sorry for the bad quality)

New and ?cool/weird/asian? magnet souvenirs at the gift shop

Some mugs I saw at the gift shop that I really liked....maybe I'll come back for them another day.

It was a really good day because we got to the park at 9am, parked at Toy Story parking lot (24B), and left the park at 630pm (the cousins got tired early) and STILL got to go on most of the rides. We were really blessed because almost all the rides were a 5-10 minute wait which is insane because usually rides are at least 30 minute waits. I am so thankful I had a fun day on Saturday.

xox Ingrid