Wednesday, June 25, 2014

24. Beach Weekend

Blake and I spent the day in Laguna Beach on Saturday.
We went through many boutiques and shops, and I had many regrets leaving Hobie not buying the pants I wanted. (heh). When we finished browsing, we stopped by the gelato store in Peppertree Lane.

Blake and I shared a waffle cone.
He picked bacio, and I picked stracciatella.

And then we strolled along the beach after having gelato.
Though the weather was cooler and the skies were slightly grey, there were still an overwhelming number of beach-goers bravely playing in the cold ocean water.

The next day, Sunday, was family day. We went to Balboa Island after brunch because we haven't gone to the island together in a long long time.

my outfit of the day. / trying to channel LDR... (heeh.)

Balboa residents' beautiful and cute backyard/boat docks.

And for the first time ever I got to try out the frozen banana store! Except I didn't pick the (famous) frozen banana...

I picked the balboa bar with chocolate peanuts. The bar itself is vanilla ice-cream but with a hint of banana (scent/favor). Very unique and unlike anything I've had before.

Most of the residents there were ready for the big famous Newport party that happens on the 4th.

Following the visit to Balboa Island, we ended our night watching the sun set at the Montage.

Dinner restaurant.

So I've always wondered why Bandera roasts so many chickens in the morning and if they'd be able to sell them all. Oh my goodness. Yes. After this visit, I can guarantee you they probably do (sell out). Bandera has the tenderest chicken and softest beef ribs I've ever tasted. Amazing! (though i have to admit- i'm not a huge fan of their jalapeño corn bread that everyone raves about.)

Lovely weekend spent at the local beaches with people dearest to me.
xox Ingrid

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