Tuesday, June 24, 2014

23. 咖啡點

Oops, I blogged about Friday but I forgot Thursday (June 19).

Pretty low-key day I suppose, which is why I must have forgotten about it. My mother, sister, and I went to Alhambra and Pasadena to run some errands, and stopped by Cafe Spot (咖啡點) for lunch before heading home. This cafe is one of our favorite HK-style restaurants that we frequent. HK-style cafes are really nice because they usually have meal sets.

The usual pre-meal vegetable soup, along with the $1 drink of my choice. I picked 夏枯草茶 which is a herbal tea made from prunella vulgaris. It's has a bitter taste to it that I actually enjoy.

And here is the lunch entree I picked, 海南雞飯 (hainan chicken rice) $7.95.
I think we were supposed to get a free dessert, but either the menu changed and it doesn't come with it anymore, or they just forgot about us... (bad service much?) but we didn't mind that much because we wanted to go home.

I made plans with Blake that night to see Maleficent.

Getting ready...

I love makeup or desk shots of "stuff". I don't have much makeup to flaunt, but I thought this was a really pretty image. I don't use the Daisy perfume much...

Which scent to try today? (I picked the orange one at the end).

And a lipstick I found while cleaning my beauty cabinet the day before, that I have never used apparently!

Movies are so expensive nowadays... remember when night showings used to be $8? This $10.50 is after discount too... :(

And I love love love getting popcorn (and a drink, though we didn't this time) whenever I go to the cinemas. I think it really adds to the "movie-going experience" :)

xox Ingrid

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