Saturday, June 21, 2014

22. Fashion Island Friday

One Thursday night, Miss Alex (one of my Insta/blog/tumblr muses) followed me on Insta which was pretty exciting.

Today (Friday) I went to Panera Bread with my sister for lunch. This time I tried the bacon turkey bravo on tomato basil, but I asked for the sandwich to be pressed which was so much better!

I went to Fashion Island with Blake after lunch. We didn't have any intentions to buy, so we strolled around all the stores. Even the ones we've never ventured into before!

selfie in front of the fountain! I just put a filter on this picture, but for some reason it made it look like I heavily edited and air-brushed our skin out or something o_o

Blake bought me chocolates at Teuscher!

So many choices...I tried the honeybee one (with honeycomb bits) but I wasn't that into it.

Blake and I ended up getting four pieces collectively. He picked the duchess and the nama, while I picked an elephant and a dark chocolate truffle. (I love truffles). We were debating on getting coffee or not whilst they were weighing our chocolates, but I think we forgot about that....but I'll make a note to try it next time because according to their website, the Beverly Hills location uses Stumptown. Not sure if the Newport location uses Stumptown as well or not..but whatever it is, it sure shouldn't disappoint right?

My dark chocolate truffle ♥

Display case.

My milk chocolate elephant. (They ran out of dark chocolate ;()

I haven't had proper bon-bons in such a long time I totally fell in love again when I had my first Teuscher chocolate truffle today. The last time I've had such amazing truffles was when I was in Zürich and had bought pralines, truffles, and bon-bons from Sprüngli. (I secretly still think Sprüngli is the champion, but Teuscher will work for me in the states.)

And then I didn't buy this dress from Brandy Melville, but I totally regret it now, and kind of want it...but then again do I need it?

Selfie with Lana del Baeee

Thank goodness for Fridays though. I think Blake needs time off to relax.
xox Ingrid

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