Tuesday, June 17, 2014

21. I promise I don't just eat pastries all day long

Really. (Even though I wish I could)...

Today was just a day filled with running errands and cleaning. Cleaned the majority of the morning, then went out to Boiling Point for lunch. Afterwards I had to go to the bank. There I stopped by next door to visit Nékter Juice because they opened recently, and as a juice lover how could I possibly not have tried them out yet right? I was going to try The Greenie (I believe the ingredients are similar to Greens 2 from Whole Foods or Sea Foam Greens from Pressed Juice) but I opted for Toxin Flush instead. Very good, and the ginger wasn't too overpowering. After all that shenanigan, my mom and sister and I went to Crystal Court to get my sister's Air fixed at the store.

Pacific Whey Bakery in Crystal Court

50% off all pastries and bakery goods after 6pm.

While we waited for the appointment time, we went to the newly remodeled Zara.

xox Ingrid

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