Tuesday, June 17, 2014

20. Update

Back home for break! Just some photos to update what has happened between Friday of last week to Monday of this week:

Lunch at Nordstrom Cafe Bistro

Chanel renovation/construction wall

Pain au chocolat from Vie de France. My favorite sweet snack when I shop.

Bought some cute goodies from Target: swimsuit set, nude polish, hand creme. (I really want the foot creme too but they were too expensive to purchase together at the same time).

Got dinner with Sharon and Nicole. Chicken piccata at Cheesecake Factory.

Got brunch with my family on Sunday at IHOP. (garden omelette for me)

Sunday OOTD

Monday's lunch at Whole Foods (was very happy about my Harmless Harvest coconut water).

And then I woke up today to found out that I was featured on Wolverine 1000 Mile's social networking sites: facebook instagram twitter!! I feel very blessed and thankful.

xox Ingrid

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