Sunday, June 8, 2014

18. Studious Saturday

Got to the library at around 930a, earliest ever.
Thankful that Peet's is just a walk down the block, so Blake got that for us to share to fuel our AM studies.

A desk! First time ever. And Blake with his Birkenstocks (that I oh-so-adore) peeking out between the dividers.

Soaking up the warmth of the socal sun after mass communication with my editors for an English journal project/"publication".

Went home at 6pm.
My finals are this Monday and Wednesday, and then a term paper due on Friday. I finished the project for Eng composition, and my 10th paper for music. I still have to read ½ a book by the end of tonight... (well its the end so before I sleep). Tomorrow is dedicated to studying DifEQ. This is going to be a painful week, and I will probably be M.I.A. a lot.

I want to visit the Antimall soon, blogging about it (in a post waiting to be released) makes me miss the good vibes and memories I've had there with my best friends, Blake and Chloe.

xox Ingrid

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