Saturday, June 7, 2014

16. Donut Day 2014

Today is National Donut Day!

I called Blake up at around noon, and asked him if he'd like to go to Krispy Kreme today (after school) to get doughnuts...and he said okay! So we left at around 3pm.

Irrelevant photo below, but they serve Coffee Bean coffee at my university, so I was really excited when I saw this CBIB sign and thought I'd take a selfie with it.. #butfirstLEMMETAKEASELFIE #coffeebeanlove #highlanderpride

The line was very very long! But we waited patiently because both Blake and I have not had or been to Krispy Kreme in such a long time and were eager to get our Krispy Kreme donuts!

Krispy Kreme has a large window by their donut machines, so while we were waiting we were able to see the inside of the kitchen and how the doughnuts were made. I think this machine here is airing or letting the dough rise because it starts out as small thin torus shaped dough...

And then here on the right side you will see that the torus has evolved into the plump donut-shaped dough. On the left is some sort of (custard/waiting to be filled) donut doughs.

The dough has now been deep fried from sitting on top of (what I would think) scalding hot oil. The middle metal piece flips the half fried dough so that the other side gets fried as well.

Now to be glazed...

Dried, sorted, and voila! Finished. Or I think they get picked up and hand filled with custard or special glaze after this, not quite sure.

We were allowed to pick any...yes, I said ANY, donut we wanted. Blake picked New York Cheesecake, and I, being plain Jane as usual, picked the original glazed. I did buy two more (chocolate glazed, and another original glazed) to bring home for my mom and sister.

I saw this cute poster (from 1962?!) on our way out.
Anyways, I had much fun. Plus, Blake got a pair of Birkenstocks after...which made me really jealous because I couldn't find one in my size and I really want a pair as well )': hopefully soon.

Did you celebrate national donut day?
xox Ingrid

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