Wednesday, June 25, 2014

24. Beach Weekend

Blake and I spent the day in Laguna Beach on Saturday.
We went through many boutiques and shops, and I had many regrets leaving Hobie not buying the pants I wanted. (heh). When we finished browsing, we stopped by the gelato store in Peppertree Lane.

Blake and I shared a waffle cone.
He picked bacio, and I picked stracciatella.

And then we strolled along the beach after having gelato.
Though the weather was cooler and the skies were slightly grey, there were still an overwhelming number of beach-goers bravely playing in the cold ocean water.

The next day, Sunday, was family day. We went to Balboa Island after brunch because we haven't gone to the island together in a long long time.

my outfit of the day. / trying to channel LDR... (heeh.)

Balboa residents' beautiful and cute backyard/boat docks.

And for the first time ever I got to try out the frozen banana store! Except I didn't pick the (famous) frozen banana...

I picked the balboa bar with chocolate peanuts. The bar itself is vanilla ice-cream but with a hint of banana (scent/favor). Very unique and unlike anything I've had before.

Most of the residents there were ready for the big famous Newport party that happens on the 4th.

Following the visit to Balboa Island, we ended our night watching the sun set at the Montage.

Dinner restaurant.

So I've always wondered why Bandera roasts so many chickens in the morning and if they'd be able to sell them all. Oh my goodness. Yes. After this visit, I can guarantee you they probably do (sell out). Bandera has the tenderest chicken and softest beef ribs I've ever tasted. Amazing! (though i have to admit- i'm not a huge fan of their jalapeño corn bread that everyone raves about.)

Lovely weekend spent at the local beaches with people dearest to me.
xox Ingrid

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

23. 咖啡點

Oops, I blogged about Friday but I forgot Thursday (June 19).

Pretty low-key day I suppose, which is why I must have forgotten about it. My mother, sister, and I went to Alhambra and Pasadena to run some errands, and stopped by Cafe Spot (咖啡點) for lunch before heading home. This cafe is one of our favorite HK-style restaurants that we frequent. HK-style cafes are really nice because they usually have meal sets.

The usual pre-meal vegetable soup, along with the $1 drink of my choice. I picked 夏枯草茶 which is a herbal tea made from prunella vulgaris. It's has a bitter taste to it that I actually enjoy.

And here is the lunch entree I picked, 海南雞飯 (hainan chicken rice) $7.95.
I think we were supposed to get a free dessert, but either the menu changed and it doesn't come with it anymore, or they just forgot about us... (bad service much?) but we didn't mind that much because we wanted to go home.

I made plans with Blake that night to see Maleficent.

Getting ready...

I love makeup or desk shots of "stuff". I don't have much makeup to flaunt, but I thought this was a really pretty image. I don't use the Daisy perfume much...

Which scent to try today? (I picked the orange one at the end).

And a lipstick I found while cleaning my beauty cabinet the day before, that I have never used apparently!

Movies are so expensive nowadays... remember when night showings used to be $8? This $10.50 is after discount too... :(

And I love love love getting popcorn (and a drink, though we didn't this time) whenever I go to the cinemas. I think it really adds to the "movie-going experience" :)

xox Ingrid

Saturday, June 21, 2014

22. Fashion Island Friday

One Thursday night, Miss Alex (one of my Insta/blog/tumblr muses) followed me on Insta which was pretty exciting.

Today (Friday) I went to Panera Bread with my sister for lunch. This time I tried the bacon turkey bravo on tomato basil, but I asked for the sandwich to be pressed which was so much better!

I went to Fashion Island with Blake after lunch. We didn't have any intentions to buy, so we strolled around all the stores. Even the ones we've never ventured into before!

selfie in front of the fountain! I just put a filter on this picture, but for some reason it made it look like I heavily edited and air-brushed our skin out or something o_o

Blake bought me chocolates at Teuscher!

So many choices...I tried the honeybee one (with honeycomb bits) but I wasn't that into it.

Blake and I ended up getting four pieces collectively. He picked the duchess and the nama, while I picked an elephant and a dark chocolate truffle. (I love truffles). We were debating on getting coffee or not whilst they were weighing our chocolates, but I think we forgot about that....but I'll make a note to try it next time because according to their website, the Beverly Hills location uses Stumptown. Not sure if the Newport location uses Stumptown as well or not..but whatever it is, it sure shouldn't disappoint right?

My dark chocolate truffle ♥

Display case.

My milk chocolate elephant. (They ran out of dark chocolate ;()

I haven't had proper bon-bons in such a long time I totally fell in love again when I had my first Teuscher chocolate truffle today. The last time I've had such amazing truffles was when I was in Zürich and had bought pralines, truffles, and bon-bons from Sprüngli. (I secretly still think Sprüngli is the champion, but Teuscher will work for me in the states.)

And then I didn't buy this dress from Brandy Melville, but I totally regret it now, and kind of want it...but then again do I need it?

Selfie with Lana del Baeee

Thank goodness for Fridays though. I think Blake needs time off to relax.
xox Ingrid

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

21. I promise I don't just eat pastries all day long

Really. (Even though I wish I could)...

Today was just a day filled with running errands and cleaning. Cleaned the majority of the morning, then went out to Boiling Point for lunch. Afterwards I had to go to the bank. There I stopped by next door to visit Nékter Juice because they opened recently, and as a juice lover how could I possibly not have tried them out yet right? I was going to try The Greenie (I believe the ingredients are similar to Greens 2 from Whole Foods or Sea Foam Greens from Pressed Juice) but I opted for Toxin Flush instead. Very good, and the ginger wasn't too overpowering. After all that shenanigan, my mom and sister and I went to Crystal Court to get my sister's Air fixed at the store.

Pacific Whey Bakery in Crystal Court

50% off all pastries and bakery goods after 6pm.

While we waited for the appointment time, we went to the newly remodeled Zara.

xox Ingrid

20. Update

Back home for break! Just some photos to update what has happened between Friday of last week to Monday of this week:

Lunch at Nordstrom Cafe Bistro

Chanel renovation/construction wall

Pain au chocolat from Vie de France. My favorite sweet snack when I shop.

Bought some cute goodies from Target: swimsuit set, nude polish, hand creme. (I really want the foot creme too but they were too expensive to purchase together at the same time).

Got dinner with Sharon and Nicole. Chicken piccata at Cheesecake Factory.

Got brunch with my family on Sunday at IHOP. (garden omelette for me)

Sunday OOTD

Monday's lunch at Whole Foods (was very happy about my Harmless Harvest coconut water).

And then I woke up today to found out that I was featured on Wolverine 1000 Mile's social networking sites: facebook instagram twitter!! I feel very blessed and thankful.

xox Ingrid

Monday, June 9, 2014

19. Cal Shabu Costa Mesa

If you know me well, then you would know that I love shabu. Love is an understatement by the way.

California Shabu has been my go-to for the past 9 years. (Since 7th grade in middle school!!) I usually go once a week, yes...I am THAT addicted. It's sad to say though, that through the years the price at California Shabu Shabu has skyrocketed. Obviously, prices need to be adjusted to match the current market price and such but I think at $19 for the most basic choice beef (9 slices), it is a little over priced. I still go though, but with a heavy sigh.

I like my hot pot with either seaweed broth or clear water-based broth (shabu!!) And after trying many locations, I feel that California Shabu Shabu are the only (casual) ones that keep their Japanese roots real. (There are obviously formal, fancier, and more expensive places that serve traditional shabu such as Kagaya in dtla).

Normally, the Fountain Valley location is the main spot I hit up because they give more vegetables, and the crowd eats and leaves after they're done. The Costa Mesa location (the one I'm blogging about today) is more casual and filled with a younger crowd that tends to drink, chat, and eat at the same time...taking longer at the spots...A.K.A. I have to wait longer for seats. I think the last time I came here was with Chloe♥ we came out for a lunch date.

The walls are ?hand? painted with cute, bright, Japanese-esque cartoon drawings. It's pretty hip inside, plus it's location near the Camp and the LAB anti-mall draws a very unique and younger crowd. Like I said, excellent place to grab food with friends if you're into the urban vibe/scene.

They used to have another location in Santa Monica, but they changed ownership so it's not under the same chain anymore, but it's still really similar, they just changed their ponzu recipe, and added sukiyaki....(yeah I made my friends and me get dinner there the last time we were in LA because I'm such a shabu dictator >:) )

Mmmmm looking at this last picture make me hungry :(

xox Ingrid