Monday, May 12, 2014

12. IHOP & Luna Grill on a Saturday

On Saturday, I went to get brunch with my mom and sister at IHOP.

I like looking at and using the mugs at IHOP. Something about them evokes nostalgia. Perhaps is it because they look like those camping mugs/dish-ware, and I used to go on a lot of road trips that would have things similar to camping dish-ware?

Big 2 Eggs, a little too much. Normally I settle for the 2x2x2 (doesn't have hash browns). I'm going back to that next time. But I have to say...I do love IHOP's pancakes over Denny's.

Blake and I tried to study.

After giving up and going home, Blake and I came back out to get dinner at Luna Grill. It was his first time there, he got the sirloin plate, and I got the chicken. I alternate between the two from time to time. (their pita bread is deliiiiicious!!)

T'was just another Saturday at the Spectrum.
The dusk sky that night was gorgeous.

xox Ingrid

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