Sunday, May 4, 2014

10. The Other Woman

(loooove this song)

Yay! My 10th post on this blog! Today Blake and I were going to go to the beach, but time did not permit, so we just went to watch The Other Woman at Triangle Square.

Summer weather is rolling around and seriously staying.

Blake getting mad at me for trying to take a selfie when WE WERE PARKED in traffic. Okay sorry.

Triangle Cinemas in Costa Mesa. Look how economical the ticket prices are at Triangle Square!!

So there has been a lot of debate about the movie online. I've heard reviews and rating from "F-" all the way to "the BEST THING EVER!!!". Personally, I don't think it is a bad movie, nor is it the "best thing ever". It's a very cute, girl power, BFF-bonding, GNO movie. Basically a chick flick that you watch with your best friend and bond over. But yes, because it is a stereotypical chick flick, the movie isn't made to be intricate and creative. So it isn't the "BEST THING EVER". I'd recommend watching it if you are interested, or have free time. But unless you are a Leslie Mann/Cameron Diaz fan like me, I don't think you need to go out of your way to watch the movie.

After the movie, I actually felt super nostalgic about my high school days, because my best friend (at the time) and I, on Fridays after school, would get coffee and go to the cinemas and watch chick flicks. Time flies really, and things change fast. :\

I had my first (official in-store) Del Taco experience today at the store on 17th street. I'm saying official because I've had Del Taco before at school camp, but we didn't get a choice or anything. It was just the lunch of the day, so I never consider that as official hahah. I like the fries, and soft beef tacos (with the del inferno hot sauce).

Stopped by Starbucks for Happy Hour.
Starbucks messed up someone's order (the tall caramel ribbon crunch on the right) so they gave the order to us because we happened to be standing right in front of the barista. We ordered a venti mocha cookie crumble with three (instead of four) vanilla pumps to share. Blake said the caramel ribbon crunch was way too sweet, but we both liked the mocha cookie crunch. It tastes like the java chip frappucino without the chocolate chips- a good alternative if you don't like the chocolate chips getting stuck to your teeth.

Blake showing off the drinks. (kidding).

Anyways, I'm a little bummed I didn't get a picture of my outfit today because I really liked it. Oh well, next time? By the way...HAPPY MAY EVERYONE!!!

xox Ingrid

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